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My Signature Program

I have begun working with a mentor coach to enhance what Cancer Care Coaching can provide to potential clients who are in the early stages of cancer treatment to feel empowered to thrive after diagnosis and continue managing their full lives, maintaining financial stability and feeling like themselves again.

How can we accomplish this? The signature program I have developed looks at issues over 8 sessions starting with Fear and ending with Survivorship. As a survivor myself, I have experienced all the issues that you are facing. My experiences and my education as a coach can help you find the inner strength to address these issues and continue to move forward in your battle against cancer. Together we will work to empower you with tools to help you work past what is blocking you. You will be able to take this toolbox with you as you begin to write the story of your life after cancer.

What does the program look like?

Session 1: Fear: We will look at ways to overcome the fear of what comes after being told you have cancer. You may be overwhelmed by what all this means. Our session together will look at what success you have had in the past to overcome fear or what has limited you.

Session 2: Education: In this session we will look at ways for you to get answers to the questions you may have about your diagnosis, what resources you can avail yourself of, and that the knowledge you have will help you in your battle.

Session 3: Self-Advocacy: Changes will definitely occur - physical, mental and spiritual. You may be limited in what you can and can’t do physically and may need to rely on others. It is imperative that you know that asking for help or something else does not make you a burden or should make you feel guilty. We will work on helping you speak up for yourself so you can remain in control of your day-to-day life.

Session 4: Spirituality: It is very easy to look to your higher power and say “why me?”. This can lead to a loss of faith and will lead you down the rabbit hole of depression. In this session we will look at your faith and how you have tapped into it in the past. Also, we will incorporate your regular spiritual practices into helping you stay in a positive mindset.

Session 5: Diet and Exercise: Health and wellness are big factors in your fight against cancer. Staying strong is necessary to help you fight the effects of treatment. You may have certain foods that you can or cannot tolerate. It is also important to practice exercise as best as you are able. During this session we will work together to come up with a diet and exercise program based on what your medical team wants you to do.

Session 6: Sleep and Rest: In this second week of focus on your health and wellness, we will work together to develop a plan of regular rest and sleep. You will most likely feel fatigued due to treatments. That is normal - I know I did! By making regular time for rest during the day will only help you remain strong. As with Session 5, we will take what your medical team suggests into consideration.

Session 7: Dreams: We all have things we would like to do or accomplish in the future. Having cancer should not stop you from pursuing those dreams. We will talk about what dreams you have. What you can accomplish during cancer and which ones to look forward to after your battle is won.

Session 8: Survivorship: You have overcome a lot of obstacles and you now see that nothing is impossible. You have gone from surviving to thriving! Where would you like to go next? What has changed about you? In this session we will work together to help you begin to write the next chapter of your story.

If this is something you feel can help you or someone in your life, I invite you to visit my website ( and sign up for a complimentary call to learn more about how coaching can help you or a loved one address the issues and come out the other side in a much better place. Or if you choose, you can enroll in the signature program.


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