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Here Ye! Here Ye! - VIP Workshop Just For You!!!

TO: Any and all cancer patients looking to strengthen their fight against the effects of cancer and treatment.

FROM: Jon Kessler

RE: Coming soon - VIP Workshop - How to Equip Your Cancer Toolbox

I am pleased to announce the start of VIP workshops that will focus on filling your cancer toolbox with actions and mind exercises that will help you in your daily cancer journey. These sessions will be 4-hours and will focus on the ABC’s of these actions and mindsets. You will receive a form prior to the workshop so that you can be prepared to share your tools with other participants. These VIP sessions will be limited to 5 people per workshop so that we can really get to know each other and create a sacred space to help one another. Each participant will receive a special gift for partaking in the VIP session!!!

Does this sound like something you can benefit from? If so, please contact me at (201) 403-3891 or for further information.


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