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The First Three Letters

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

The first 3 letters of cancer are C - A - N. As you all know that spells the word “CAN”. When we believe, we CAN. That's how we make things happen. We accomplish things we set our minds to. We overcome the obstacles placed before us. We make our dreams come true.

When you are diagnosed with cancer, it is overwhelming. You don’t know where to begin. There are a million thoughts running through your head. Taking the action of CAN begins there if you choose to believe. Here are some things to think about at that point.

I CAN feel all ranges of emotions. It is only natural. Give yourself grace to do so.

I CAN stop for a moment, process this news and begin to accept.

I CAN share with my family and friends and get the love and support that will help me.

I CAN believe that I will be able to beat this.

Now you have started your journey. There are things you now have the opportunity to do.

I CAN ask what is my specific type of cancer, stage and prognosis.

I CAN advocate for myself and ask my doctor what is the best treatment plan.

I CAN, if I wish, get a second opinion. Do not worry what your 1st doctor may think.

I CAN choose to do whatever it takes to make sure I make every appointment.

I CAN join a support group with others who have my type of cancer to become part of a


There will be moments of feeling tired, sad, angry, etc. Do not let them weigh you down. If you believe there is a light at the end of your tunnel (hope), that will motivate you to fight. Some things you might think about to help are:

I CAN slow down and allow myself to rest when necessary.

I CAN exercise a little when able and rebuild my strength.

I CAN use my faith to give me inspiration to believe in myself.

I CAN allow abundance in my life even though I am going through this.

I CAN allow myself the help of others and be grateful.

I CAN forgive myself for things I may have done in the past.

I CAN stop allowing old thoughts and patterns to stop me from thriving.

I CAN think about my life after cancer and what I want to do with that life.

Remember there is no CAN’T in cancer. Those first 3 letters, C-A-N is what you need to believe in and direct the actions you take during your cancer journey. There is nothing you CANNOT do at all. Find a CAN that speaks to you. Maybe use it as a mantra or affirmation. Put it up around your home. Say it often. Soon it will be part of your mindset and you will believe. The action will follow.

Do not let the CAN’T dictate your journey. You CAN beat this and you CAN have a full and

thriving life!


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