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Building a Library

There are many books you can read that deal with cancer and the issues that arise. Some address how to face each day. Others provide information. Still more are personal stories of how the author overcame their cancer. There are even workbooks out there to help you express what you are feeling. This is important. By getting out what you are feeling, it does not stay within you and therefore, it cannot affect you in the negative.

Here is a list of books you might want to take a look at and to your library if you choose:

Books About Cancer

Al Achkar, Morhaf. Roads to Meaning and Resilience with Cancer. Middletown, DE, 2019

Alschuler, Lise N. and Gazella, Karolyn, A. The Definitive Guide to Cancer - Third Edition. New York, NY 2010.

Anderson, Paul. Cancer: The Journey from Diagnosis to Empowerment. Middletown, DE, 2020

Beckett, Bill. Love, Family, Cancer. Monroe, IL, 2021

Cohen, Lorenzo and Jeffries, Alison. Anti Cancer Living. New York, NY 2018

Dilley, Robin. ABC Workbook for Cancer Patients. Phoenix, AZ, 2018

Freeman, Rusty. Journey into Day: Meditations for New Cancer Patients. Valley Forge, PA, 2000.

Girard, Vickie. There’s No Place Like Hope. Seattle, WA, 2009

Heisey, Mark. How Cancer Cured Me. Bloomington, IN, 2020

Holland, Jimmie C. and Lewis, Sheldon. The Human Side of Cancer. New York, NY, 2000

Jackson, Vicki A. (with David P. Ryan and Michelle D. Seaton). Living With Cancer: A Step-By-Step Guide for Coping Medically and Emotionally with a Serious Diagnosis. Baltimore, MD, 2017

Kurtz, Dara. Crush Cancer Workbook. Monroe, IL, 2017.

Lemole, Gerald M. (with Pallav K. Mehta and Dwight L. Mckee). After Cancer Care. New York, NY, 2015

LeShan, Lawrence. Cancer as a Turning Point. New York, NY 1994

Martin. Mari D. Come Home Alive. Bloomington, IN 2021

Pantilat, Steven Z. Life After the Diagnosis. Boston, MA 2017

Quillin, Patrick. 12 Keys to A Healthier Cancer Patient. Carlsbad, CA, 2019

Selby, America. Cancer Prayer Book - Jewish. Monroe, IL, 2016

Tripp, Karen. God is Bigger than Your Cancer Workbook. Grover, MO, 2010

Wark, Chris. Beat Cancer Daily. Carlsbad, CA, 2020

Willis, Joanie. The Cancer Patient’s Workbook. New York, NY 2001


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