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Why a Rainbow?

“God puts rainbows in the clouds so that each of us - in the dreariest and most dreaded moments - can see a possibility of hope.” - Maya Angelou

When I chose the name for my coaching business, the next step was to create a logo that represented the vision I wanted my practice to be about. I hired a freelancer on and we went back and forth on a few options. I remember her sending me one that I liked. However it was missing something. I suggested making it more colorful. When this came through, I knew I had found the perfect logo.

As you can see, the “C’s” in the logo are like a rainbow. To me, the rainbow is the epitome of hope. This logo would set the mood for what I wanted my practice to be - a place of hope for my future clients. Somewhere they could find the help they needed to move beyond just surviving the cancer journey. They would learn how to thrive during this difficult time.

Maya Angelou’s quote above is a metaphor for what a cancer coach can be. We have the opportunity to be a beacon of hope for cancer patients to overcome their illness. As a former patient myself, I felt those dreaded moments of being told I had cancer, having to have surgery, learning I was stage 3 and then having to go through chemo treatments.

I didn’t know about cancer coaches 4 years ago during my battle. When I decided to become a certified coach, I knew that I wanted to work with cancer patients. I woke up one morning and got the message from God. He was putting me in the clouds of other patients’ lives so that I might be their rainbow. There I could help them strengthen their hope so that they could get past their own battles.

Remember that a rainbow also represents the shape of a bridge. At the start of the rainbow, you have been just diagnosed and not sure what’s next. But together we will walk across that bridge and reach the end. We will work together to empower you to live a way of life that you envision. When we do get to that spot, there’s where the riches are. Those riches are the prospect of a meaningful life after you overcome cancer.

You can find your rainbow in the clouds of your cancer. It is there to show you the path to the life you deserve. I am happy to be a guide to you on the journey.



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